A fascinating field trip to Iceland

Sixth Form, Senior School, Outdoor Education

A group of 56 students from years 9 to 13 had an amazing trip to Iceland over October half term.

Throughout their stay they were graced by beautiful clear skies and sunshine, a rare event in Iceland. The local guides were brilliant, explaining all about the magical landscapes along with an insight to Icelandic culture.

The group visited rainbow decorated waterfalls, walked through a lava tunnel and ice cave, explored volcanic craters and steaming geothermal areas where smoke billowed out of the ground. One of the highlights was a guided trek on one of the country’s largest glaciers. They also took a soak in a couple of geothermal spas including the famous Blue Lagoon with its milky turquoise mineral rich waters. To top it all they were treated to the most outstanding display of northern lights which danced across the night sky on several of the nights.

The trip to Iceland was incredible and taught me that Iceland is such a wonderful country with a history full of interesting events that makes it one of the most socially progressive countries in the world. We were lucky enough to experience a stunning landscape packed with fascinating features that demands respect and admiration. We discovered that the locals have an amazing understanding of the nature and world around them which is a big part of their culture. A truly memorable experience!”
Imogen, Year 9