Senior School

The Royal High School is built on the firm foundation of over 150 years of educating young women, and it is looking forward with confidence. It is an innovative, high-achieving school that provides a wonderful environment for girls to excel academically, thrive emotionally and develop socially. We are proud to provide an outstanding, contemporary, girl-centred education.

Academic achievement remains vital in today’s world, and all good schools ensure that they create an environment where pupils can excel in their academic studies. While qualifications are important, our job as educators is to go beyond delivering bite-sized chunks of information that is narrowly focused on examination specifications. Our job is to enable girls to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter, to help them to see the connections within and between disciplines, to grapple with ideas, to develop a flexible and creative mindset, and to enjoy their studies. A great education lays the foundation for life-long learning.

A school, and particularly a boarding school, is about so much more than academic success. Teachers and leaders in girls’ schools are in the privileged position of developing both the minds and characters of young women. It is our responsibility to prepare girls for a future we don’t yet know and to give them the skills they need to live their lives well. We can help them to become happy and successful adults through building confidence and self-esteem, whilst fostering qualities such as courage, loyalty, compassion and integrity. These can be encouraged and developed in a whole range of ways, including thought-provoking assemblies, opportunities for reflection, Personal, Social and Health Education, the House system and tutoring. Alongside art, sport, music, drama and dance, our rich extra-curricular programme involves a range of clubs and societies, outdoor pursuits, trips and expeditions, and opportunities for service to others.

Girls’ schools do not have to operate in isolation, and girls should have many opportunities to widen their network and meet others. Being part of the GDST provides an immediate and impressive community for collaboration between schools and pupils, as well as with alumnae. Other networking events include university preparation, leadership workshops, enterprise days, ethical debates, charity challenges and social events.

Our goal is to ensure that the girls in our care leave school as well-educated, well-rounded and well-balanced young women, who are able to navigate a global, multi-cultural, technology-driven world successfully.