Alumna collaborates on life-sized board game


Alumna Katherine Glover (Katie Thomas, RHSB 2009) has been a Creative and Musical Theatre Performer for the last 10 years. Katherine’s credits include the touring productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Spamalot, Puttin’ on the Ritz and more, and she was instrumental in the fund-raising for our Steinway Music School and Recording Studio running a wonderful Sounds of Music masterclass for our students a few years ago. More recently Katherine has branched out into the creative side, directing, writing and developing new projects.

The latest of these projects is ‘Monopoly Lifesized’ in London! Described as a life-sized, immersive, and high-octane way to play the world’s favourite family board game, this could be a ray of light for those for whom the closest they have got to home ownership might be putting houses on Old Kent Road!

Monopoly Lifesized is based on the Tottenham Court Road, London and, with four different boards to choose from (including a special junior board for kids aged 5-9) offers you the chance to hop around the board and build the property empire of your dreams with a hybrid of escape rooms, board games, and team challenges. It’s the first of its kind in the world, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied; players need to participate in physical and mental challenges to move around the massive board, such as building London’s landmarks against the clock, solving murder mysteries, or staging a Mayfair heist. A must-do for family and friends on your next visit to London!

Katherine’s role in Monopoly Lifesized’s development was as Associate Director and Child Engagement Consultant for their Junior board, meaning that she helped to design/write the final version, whilst her partner was the Producer and Writer. Having had a huge amount fun and creative collaboration getting the project off the ground, Katherine has recently handed over her director role, since returning to Bath to train for a Primary PGCE where she is now completing her placement school.

Watch this space to find out what Katie does next…!

Find Monopoly Lifesized at 213-215 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7PN. Tickets are on sale here.

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