Black History Month 2023

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As we embark on the vibrant and enriching journey of Black History Month, it's imperative to understand the significance of this annual celebration and recognize the theme that guides us this year, "Saluting Our Sisters." Our commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and understanding is reflected in the remarkable lineup of activities we have planned to mark this occasion.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is a dedicated time to honour the invaluable contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, remarkable achievements, and enduring struggles of the Black community. By commemorating Black History Month, we shed light on the stories and legacies that have shaped our world.

Why is it an Important Event?

Black History Month is more than just a time for reflection; it is a platform for acknowledging the profound influence of Black individuals on society. It allows us to educate ourselves about the historical injustices, as well as the ongoing achievements and contributions of Black people all around the world. Recognizing this month is a step towards promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our community.

Theme of the Year - "Saluting Our Sisters"

This year, we proudly embrace the theme, "Saluting Our Sisters." This theme honours the incredible contributions of Black women, who have played pivotal roles in the realms of civil rights, politics, science, the arts, and countless other fields. Their resilience and unwavering determination have been instrumental in shaping history. It is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the Black women who have inspired change and continue to do so.

All the Amazing Things We Have Planned at RHSB:

Our Black History Month celebration promises a plethora of exciting events and activities that will bring our school community together:

Black History Month Assembly: An inspiring assembly highlighting the significance of Black History Month, featuring talks on different Black women that emphasize the theme "Saluting Our Sisters."

History Film Night: Held by Mrs Pagnementa. A cinematic journey watching the enthralling and beautiful cinematography in the picture "Hidden Figures", allowing students to engage with the past through storytelling and togetherness.

Library Recommended Books: The school library has thoughtfully curated a list of books that provide insights into the history, culture, and achievements of Black individuals.

Poetry Competition: A creative outlet for students to express their thoughts and emotions, inspired by the theme "Saluting Our Sisters."

House/Tutor Group Poster Competition: Encouraging students to showcase their artistic talents and knowledge of Black history by creating informative and visually striking posters.

Black History Month Quilt: A collaborative project that reflects the diversity of our school community. Each square of the quilt will be designed and will represent the beauty and unity of our diverse backgrounds.

These activities are designed to empower our students to become agents of change, promote cultural understanding, and honor the significant contributions of Black individuals in our society. By participating in these events, we not only celebrate Black history but also engage in meaningful conversations that contribute to a more inclusive and harmonious community.

Thank you for your support and participation in making Black History Month a memorable and enlightening experience for our school.

Elianah - Year 11

Black History Month film night