Prep and Senior girls collaborate for Boudica Workshop

Senior School, Nursery and Prep School

Boudica Latin workshop (Year 3 and Year 9)

On Thursday 16th October, Year 3 joined forces with Year 9 to learn about the revolt of Boudica in AD61.

The students were arranged into different Celtic tribes, the Atrebates, Brigantes, Cantici and Durotriges (i.e. A, B, C, D) and they got to know each other by discovering the time-line of events via a card sorting activity. Then each Celtic tribe worked together to dramatise their re-telling of the scene. The Year 9s taught the Year 3s some key Latin phrases, such as ‘nos sumus Romani!’ (we are Romans!) and ‘eheu!’ (oh no!) and then each tribe practised their sketch.

The teamwork, kindness, enthusiasm and bravery on show was a truly wonderful sight to behold. Each tribe performed their sketch in front of each other and there were certainly some very dramatic fight scenes with Roman stabbing and Celtic slashing (without breaking any health and safety protocol). We rounded the session off with a rousing rendition of the Horrible Histories ‘Boudica’ song. Congratulations to all the students in both Year 3 and Year 9, who took part with such a fearless sense of enquiry and fun!

When asked to reflect on the experience, Year 9s commented that they particularly enjoyed getting to know and working with the younger girls and that ‘it was very nice to meet the year 3s and work with them and my friends. The tasks were fun and I think everyone learnt something.’ A Year 3 student even taught the Year 9s that Boudica’s name means ‘Victory’ which is very appropriate, at least at the beginning of the saga.

Several students said they developed their RHS learner qualities, by being collaborative when working as a team and listening to each-other, showing kindness by helping one-another and including everyone, being brave by performing their scene and sparky, because they adapted the scene to make it easy and fun for all of us.

Very well done to everyone involved!