Brilliant Bebras Results

Nursery and Prep School

This year, once again, the girls at the Prep School performed brilliantly in Bebras – a computational thinking competition for pupils all over the world. In Year 5 Cecily and Elizabeth achieved the maximum score of 152 in the Year 5 challenges, which was a first for the Royal High Prep School and we are incredibly proud of them. Year 5 as a group performed to a very high standard and our average score was way above the national average.

In Year 6, Phoebe was awarded ‘Best in School’, achieving a score of 156 in the Year 6 and 7 competition; this is an amazing achievement as the girls are competing against older students. Isabella and India also did extremely well and received gold certificates, recognising that their score places them in the top 10% nationally. The Year 6 average score was also way ahead of the national average; all of the girls should be proud of their achievements.

Each year I am amazed at how resilient the girls are in approaching the challenge as many of the questions require lots of steps before you are able to find out the solution. The skills developed are easily transferable to maths and science as well as being useful to computing. Even though the challenge is over for this year, the website is still open for the girls to practise their skills ready for next year!