Classical Symposium 2024

Senior School, Classics

Thursday 21st March did not just mark the Spring Equinox but another highlight of the year - the Classical Symposium!

The Hudson Centre was transformed with seating arranged like an ancient theatre and student waiters or ‘slaves’ (who had all volunteered for this role!) serving Classically inspired food and drink to our visitors throughout performances.

Although the event was free, £85 worth of donations to the Crane Academy were gratefully received via an amphora. There was a fantastic range of performances from music, singing and dancing, comedic plays, dramatisations of myths in English, as well as stories performed in Latin with English subtitles, explanations on classical links in Harry Potter, ancient fashion, Taylor Swift albums as Cambridge Latin Course characters, an incredible mythological puppet show and literary analysis of both Greek and Latin poetry.

The evening was introduced by Head of Classics, Mrs Binney, complete in Greek costume and then Year 12 took over to compere the evening in their togas, adding real humour and, if it were at all possible, even more warmth and enthusiasm to the evening.

We are so incredibly proud of our fearless students here and all their hard work, imagination, creativity and dedication. The whole show was arranged during breaks, lunchtimes and after school and the girls, like Atalanta herself, really ran with it, writing, producing and directing their contributions. It really was such a joyous way to end the term and we hope you enjoy our photos (click on the image below to access the full album) which give just a flavour of the event.

Classical Symposium 2024