Covid Safe Product Design

Senior School

Covid safe design

Whilst volunteering to help with Lateral Flow Testing, Sarah Williams, our amazing Design Technician could see how impractical the test tube racks being used were proving – and so she set about creating a single tube holder. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Sarah returned to the DT workshop and created a prototype for testing – with feedback from colleagues, and refinements made, the final design was born.

Like the very best designs, its’ genius lies in simplicity. The shape was cut on the laser from scrap acrylic and was then held over a strip heater creating the two neat bends. The base provides stability and a handy little place to put the bar codes. They are easy to clean, and the LFT team love them! Sarah says: “If I was making them commercially I would find a way to make them nest for more efficient packing!”

Sarah was also the driving force behind the manufacture of face shields made by the RHS DT Department for care homes at the start of lockdown.