Cuban Week

Cuba is a richly diverse country with several cultures incorporated into the daily lives of citizens. Heart-warming music fills the air, and the distant sound of the drums can be heard from far away. Life in Cuba is busy and exciting, and many people would appreciate the opportunity to explore the city of la Havana. ”
Roseanna and Mabel, KS3
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Exploring Cuba

As it is Cuba week at school, in class we decided to look at Cuba and its culture. It was interesting to find out that since the 1950s they do not accept foreign imports, and that is why their cars are still designs from the 50's, they just look modern. We could feel the atmosphere of La Havana when we listened and watched the music video 'Yo aprendí'. Whilst analysing the song, we realised that even though we have different cultures we still go through the same human experiences. Kassandra and Jessica, KS5

This week we learnt about Cuba. It was interesting to listen and see what they do and what the culture is like. Our favourite thing we learnt was the Cuban Salsa as it was so amazing and technical. We also really enjoyed looking at the history, as it was very interesting to see the beautiful buildings and places that have made a big impact on Cuba. In the future, we hope to visit Cuba as the people seemed very warm and friendly, as well as we could practice some Spanish. Ella and Grace, KS4

Today, in Spanish, we were learning about La Habana, the capital city of Cuba. We took a virtual tour to learn all about the city, where we could see El Malecon, a long promenade along the shore of the city, you can pose for photos and get serenaded as you walk along the road. We then travelled to Old Havana, where music is always playing in the old square and there are many different architectural styles incorporated in the buildings. Jose Marti was a poet and was one of Cuba’s heroes. He has the largest memorial to a writer in the world and one of his poems was made into a song. Classic American cars are also a big part of the Cuban culture, in the 1950’s foreign imports were banned so new cars were not coming to the country anymore, leaving behind cars which people fixed with tractor and lawn mower parts, the Cadillac was, and still is, one of the most popular classic cars in Cuba! Greta, KS3

If you would like to enjoy some of the heart-warming Cuban music from the Buena Vista Social Club, please follow this link. Enjoy y hasta pronto!