Culture Club

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Culture club

Culture Club reconvened in 2021 with a wide-ranging discussion of the ongoing violence and fracture in American politics and a ‘United’ nation so deeply divided.

Students from Year 12 and Year 13 were able to join together on Teams and reflect on the extraordinary recent scenes at the Capitol and the subsequent (and ongoing) aftershocks across the political landscape. As ever, Mr Benedict and Mr Evans were deeply impressed by the intelligence, compassion and nuanced analysis shown by so many students in their continuing engagement with global events: whether examining the riot through the historical lens of 20th Century power grabs; the literary lens of Orwellian dystopia; or a contemporary lens questioning the role of race, social media and fake news.

Culture Club will continue to meet every Tuesday at 4.30pm during lockdown and all Sixth Formers are welcome. Topics for the rest of the term include a technical examination of Classic Cinema (from Citizen Kane to The Godfather) and a history of LGBTQ+ rights.