Eco Design Project Winners

Royal High voices, Senior School

Earlier this term, Year 8 students were set a task for an Eco Design Project: to come up with a blueprint for an ecological space that celebrated biodiversity in what is currently a concrete courtyard!

The entries were absolutely brilliant (a few small samples from the projects below) and so there are three joint-winning projects – who will all win 40 points for their house, too!

Winners and Mr Benedict’s comments:

Amélie Holladay – Breathe

Every stage of this project was meticulously researched and planned – from the construction process to the environmentally-conscious resourcing of material (eg upcycling and recrafting) and even the carefully-managed budget. The binding theme of the project was a space for peace and relaxation, split cleverly into three zones: social, creative and Georgian. Amélie’s artistic eye really shines through, with a space for living wall art and a sensitivity for how shapes and objects can affect our sense of space.

Ophelia Hyde – Garden of Reflection

Ophelia’s design is a bright and vibrant space, with a focus on reflection and lighting. Wall-to-wall mirrors project the green plants around the courtyard and offer an illusion of maximising space. The bird baths and wind chimes would bring tranquil noises of the natural world and the archway would be wonderfully eye-catching: a trellis with climbing ‘Peace Rose’. Finally, the water system would rely on water troughs collecting rainwater – a masterstroke!

Megan Brown, Ella Scott and Mimi Turnbull – Globe of Nature

The focus of this design was a space to put a smile on faces – but it ended up being so much more! This project stood out for its consideration of supporting biodiversity and sustainability in the long-term. The ‘bug hotel’ idea serves as a wonderful accompaniment to the forthcoming (and very popular) Bee Club! Plants are specifically selected based on their needs (hanging wisteria from the pergola would look stunning!) and, very cleverly, food waste from the dining hall would be stored in a compost bin sunk into the raised bed.