Excellent LAMDA results

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Our latest LAMDA exam results have arrived and we are delighted to announce that all eight candidates achieved Distinctions or Merits in their exams.

Mrs Leanne Vincent-Norgate Head of Drama commented, “What a fantastic set of results. The standards set by LAMDA are incredibly high so our students deserve to be congratulated, celebrated and highly commended! I have seen the passion, commitment and hard work that they have put in so know how deserved the results are.

"A massive well done to all – we are immensely looking forward to holding a LAMDA showcase next year so you’ll all get a chance to witness their wonderful work.”


  • Hilda Sun - Grade 4 Duologue Acting- Distinction
  • Erin Marten - Grade 4 Duologue Acting- Distinction
  • Mani Clarke- Grade 5 Duologue Acting- Merit
  • Emilia Parsons- Grade 5 Duologue Acting- Merit
  • Cat Temple- Grade 5 Duologue Acting- Distinction
  • Mila Coxon- Grade 5 Duologue Acting- Distinction
  • Miranda Pharoah - Grade 7 Acting, Silver Award- Distinction
  • Ellie Gresham - Grade 6, Public Speaking, Silver Award, Distinction

Founded in 1861 and launched at ISM in 2009, LAMDA (the ‘London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art’) is the UK’s largest awarding body of Performance and Communication Examinations. LAMDA students follow a clearly defined syllabus in their selected courses each year from Grades 1-8, and exams for each course are conducted twice a year by an external LAMDA Examiner. Each pupil receives a personal exam report written by the LAMDA Examiner which covers vocal and physical technique, understanding of the character and situation, and for Public Speaking, the understanding and delivery of content.

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