Festival of Ideas

Senior School, Student Voice

Our first week of the Festival of Ideas has been a fantastic show of collaboration between year groups as Year 7 and Year 9 students gathered in their houses.

On Tuesday morning we had a visit from Megan Beech, an award-winning poet, who spoke about the theme of Finding Your Voice in relation to her experience as a feminist and slam poet. Megan also encouraged the students to try some slam poetry and showed them how poetry and the written word can help them find their own voices.

On Wednesday morning the students were tasked with working in groups to create a 'creative and interesting' presentation around this year's theme. Feedback was given to students throughout the morning by their Heads of House, before each grouped performed their presentation to the other groups in their house.

One group from each house was voted through to our grand final, where the selected presentations were performed to Mrs Reynolds and Mr Briggs.

Congratulations to Du Pré for winning first place!

We are looking forward to our Speakers Week next week, where students will get the opportunity to listen to talks from a range of inspiring speakers including Abigail Emery, behavioural psychologist and civil servant, and Manoel Akure who is an artist and anti-racism activist.

The standard of final presentations from the four Houses was exceptional. They adhered to the brief, ensuring they collaborated closely between the year groups, and produced presentations that were pertinent, carefully researched and demonstrated wonderful variety and bravery. We continue to commit to empowering girls to learn without limits and the life skill of confident speaking and articulacy is apparent in the students who accepted the challenge of ‘Finding Your Voice’ in this year’s Festival of ideas.”
Mrs Reynolds, Head