Final 'Challenge' and 'Sculpture' Inspire Sessions

Nursery and Prep School


In the final session of Sculpture Inspire the girls got out their paintbrushes and acrylic paint and set about decorating two totem poles. The poles were constructed from a single branch of beech which was found on site. This was cross-cut then reassembled in order to attain a more interesting sculptural dynamic. The idea was to incorporate emojis into the design which would add a touch of fun and bring our totem poles right up to date. If you look closely you will notice that a couple of our emojis are sporting designer face masks which clearly dates our totem poles to the year 2020 – an interesting year to say the least!

The totem poles are standing proudly in our courtyard and will hopefully add a splash of colour for years to come. The eagles have spread their wings and are ready to take these crazy young dudes on an exhilarating journey into a brave new world.