Friday Festivities for Sixth Form

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form had a busy day on the last Friday of term. Year 12 was introduced to the new leadership structure, now to incorporate House Prefects, for which the application process will begin in January. This was followed by the launch of the Tripos Programme by Mr Lacey, an initiative unique to RHS to recognise the extracurricular achievement of Sixth Form girls. Year 13 PHSEE focused on exam wellbeing, where Mr Benedict and Mrs Schofield shared insight and practical skills to help with exams next year.

To round the sessions off, both year groups enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies before embarking on an invigorating walk through the woods of Lansdown, sporting festive gear, and motivated by stamps and chocolates. It is no coincidence that a giant rainbow in the sky was seen by the girls as a symbol that all will be well. We returned restored and our weary souls revivified.

An early Christmas present