RHSB students' success in GDST Art Competition and Awards

Senior School, Art

After launching the GDST Art competition across the school, the RHSB art department had the difficult task of selecting the best work submitted for each of the categories; Landscape/Nature, Portrait, Abstract and 3D/Sculpture. We were only able to submit a maximum of 12 students work from the RHSB, meaning one from each key stage for each category.

Of the 12 submitted, we were delighted that the following three students were shortlisted for a prize by the Panel of professional artists, Violetta Bravo and James Hague:

Year 7 Cecilia ‘Abstract’

Year 10 Ella ‘Portrait’

Year 13 Flo ‘Landscape/Nature’

The students had a wonderful day at Dulwich Picture Gallery where the work was installed in one of the rooms and students were invited to attend a watercolour workshop lead by Violetta Bravo and then have a tour of the galleries.

At 5pm the prize giving began and we were so proud that both Cecilia and Flo received Gold in their categories and Ella a Silver. Well done to all that entered and especially to our prize winners.

Ella Shishkaryov KS4 Portrait Silver Winner
Above Ella Shishkaryov KS4-Portrait-Silver-Winner
Cecilia Yan KS3 Abstract Gold Winner
Above Cecilia Yan KS3-Abstract-Gold-Winner
Flo Dawson KS5 Landscape and Nature Gold Winner
Above Flo Dawson KS5-Landscape-and-Nature-Gold-Winner