RHB IB Diploma Programme Swedish visit

Sixth Form, Global Citizens, International

We were delighted to welcome IB students from Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, Borås, Sweden, to RHB Senior School for their annual student visit with our IB students. RHB IB students have had links with this school in Sweden for 13 years, and many have made friends for life.

The exchange is intended to help enhance the International mindedness of our students, and it is true – the Swedish students are a very diverse cohort with whom cultural exchange can only result in enrichment on both sides.

The students spent 2 days in school attending IB lessons, experiencing the diverse range of subjects on offer in the RHB Diploma programme. This created diverse opportunities for collaborative work including creative writing tasks, blind tasting of French foods, and modelling population sampling methods in Biology.

The exchange culminated in a visit to Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein to experience Victor’s Lair and The Shallows escape rooms.

We are proud to be the only school in Bath offering the IB Diploma as an option alongside A-Levels for Sixth Form. IB is an international qualification, recognised globally by universities and employers.

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