Lockdown Survival Guide

Expert voices

“Stay safe and our normal will return””
Sister Rebecca Purchase

Sister Purchase has compiled some top tips for us all to take heed of to ensure we look after ourselves during these strange times.

  1. Routine is so important. Keeping structure to your day will keep you focused and motivated.
  2. Eating a balanced diet. Making sure you are eating 3 meals a day. Try to avoid unnecessary snacking. Eat foods from all vital food groups: protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruit and vegetables. This is important especially this time of year to help protect your immune system.
  3. Drinking water is good to keep hydrated as helps with concentration. At least 8 glasses of water per day.
  4. Sleep is important. Teenagers should be getting 8 to 10 hours a night. Keep to a good routine so that you go to bed not too late and get up in the morning as this will help your circadian rhythm. Avoid using electronic gadgets an hour before bed. Your bodies and minds need to wind down to prepare to go to bed for a good restful night’s sleep. Enjoy a relaxing bath, read a book or listen to some relaxing music. Try having a milky drink like hot chocolate. No caffeine as this is a stimulant and will not help going to sleep. Try not to sleep during the day as this can affect your nighttime sleep pattern.
  5. Exercise is so beneficial even if it is a 20-minute walk. Try and get outside each day for some fresh air. Exercise helps to release endorphins which makes us feel more uplifted. Perhaps make a plan when the school day finishes, get out in the daylight for some fresh air but stay safe.
  6. Family time. Think about trying something new, maybe at the weekend when families have more time. You could all chose something different for example a jigsaw, a craft activity, a new board game, a new walk that you want to try or something you haven’t done for a while as a family which you all used to enjoy. These are only examples so as a family you could have fun together and make a plan.
  7. Doing something for someone else. How about doing something to help someone else, following safe and social distancing guidelines. Write a letter or card to a neighbour or family member who lives on their own as this will hopefully give some comfort and put a smile on their face at this difficult time. Dropping a note of thanks to a keyworker, someone who continues to work during these unprecedented times.
  8. Be kind to each other. Remember we are all going through this together. Each of us may go through periods of doubt which can affect both children and adults, but we will get through it, stay positive and talk to someone.
  9. We are all here to support you as an individual. You may be out of sight, but you are definitely not out of our minds. You can email the Medical Centre rhsmedical@rhs.gdst.net or Charlotte Disley our school counsellor.

Here are some websites for support for both parents and students: