Mental Health Foundation’s Peer Education Project

Senior School

This week saw the launch of the Mental Health Foundation’s Peer Education Project to year 7.

Students completed their first of five sessions with their year 12 peer mentors, which focused on mental health awareness.

The Peer Education Project is an educational programme that aims to give young people the skills and knowledge they need to safeguard their mental health, and the mental health of their peers.

The project aims to support mental health by enabling older pupils to deliver mental health lessons to younger people, in the hope that this will encourage children to open up and have more difficult conversations in a relaxed setting.

By having students deliver sessions, instead of adults, younger children are able to relate to discussions more which helps to bring down some of the walls that they might otherwise put up.

Ms Morton (Head of RSHE) commented that "All Year 7’s were engaged and really enjoyed being able to participate and discuss difficult topics with students closer to their own age".

Peer project launch
Peer project launch