Camping at Cranwell

Nursery and Prep School

On the 17th of June, Year Three took part in a camping event in the school grounds. After school all of us played in the courtyard for about half an hour until Miss Hughes came out and asked us to go inside. We then put our bags in the Discovery Room, then lined up to go to the top playground. When we were there, we met three 6th formers from the Senior School called Marcey, Scarlet and Abbey. They were very nice and we all played lots of fun games with them. After that our parents had arrived and we helped them pitch our tents. We all had a little play while we waited for the barbecue to arrive, then we ate it! It was very yummy! We all then played games with Myrthe’s sisters or joined in the big football game! Then Miss Hughes and Ms Appleby called us over and told us we were going to have a scavenger hunt. We were allowed to take a parent. Everyone made a good attempt, though only some people said they found a lizard. Someone said they found a chameleon! After that we all went down to the campfire and sang some songs. Ella played ‘Ten Green Bottles’ for us on her ukulele and we all sang along. After that we sang ‘Jungle Boogie’. It was lots of fun! Here comes the best part…. Toasting marshmallows! First we all had a small one then we toasted HUGE ones! It was amazing! Then we all got changed into our pyjamas and Miss Hughes read us a story in the Celtic Hut. It was spooky because there was only one torch on! Then we went to bed. It was ten by then and we were tired! We all fell asleep rather quickly and in the morning we took down our tents and went home. We’d like to thank all the staff and parents who helped. We had a great time!