Explore Inspire Goes Exploring!

Nursery and Prep School, Outdoor Education

On Friday 24th June, Explore Inspire were dropped off by the school minibus near Beckford Tower. The challenge was to find our way back to school. The weather was revolting! It rained heavily from the start and basically didn’t stop until we got back. At some points we had to use a compass to find out which path to take. We used OS maps to find our way. Luckily, at the start of this Inspire Ms Appleby taught us to read maps and understand the symbols. During the walk we identified some wild flowers. We found large daisies which are commonly known as ox-eye daisies. Another flower was self-heal which is purplish-blue in colour. It is known to help heal people. We saw lots of buttercups and clover. We learnt about a tree called hawthorn which has dangerous spikes and white flowers in May. It took half an hour to return to school. We were soaking wet but luckily we were rewarded with a treat for showing such dedication and resilience!