Falcons in Bath!

Nursery and Prep School

Year 3 went to Bath’s Catholic Church on 22th June 2016, to see the peregrines Falcons. We walked there, through Victoria Park and the city centre. We left at 1.20 and we arrived at 2.00. At the church, we met Ed Drewitt and Hamish Smith. Mr Drewitt is a zoologist and Mr Smith is a photographer for the Hawk and Owl Trust. First, we all took turns to look through a telescope to see the peregrine falcons up close. Up in the church spire is where the nest is and the Hawk and Owl Trust have put a lens up there. We then sat on the floor and Mr Drewitt then talked to us about Peregrine Falcons. He then showed us a picture that Mr Smith had taken for a competition that he won. Then he showed us some evidence from the prey that Peregrine Falcons have caught. The falcons eat the brain of other birds and leave the skull. In the bags of evidence there were a lot of pigeon skulls. He also showed us some wings from a pigeon and feathers from a woodpecker; peregrines eat these birds. We then looked at a food chain of a peregrine falcon. We were shown a paper silhouette of a peregrine falcon. A male’s wingspan is nearly the same as Charlotte Brook’s arms. It was such an interesting talk and we learnt a lot about these urban peregrines. We were also lucky enough to be given a signed copy of Mr Drewitt’s new book. Thank you Mr Drewitt! We were picked up by the school minibuses and arrived back at 3.20.