Introducing Spitfire, the Well-Being Dog

Senior School, Wellbeing

Hello everyone. I am proud to introduce myself as a new member of the Pastoral and Well-Being Team. I live with Mrs Cowell, and am to be found either in her office, or in the Science Block, or being taken for walks by my many new student friends.

I had a difficult start in life. My siblings and I were not wanted by the man who owned my mother, and I was about to reach a premature end when a kind man rescued us all. He knew that Mrs Cowell was a bit of a soft touch when it comes to small helpless creatures, so he introduced us, and it was love at first sight. Mrs Cowell says that she knew I had special qualities and could bring happiness to lots of people, and Mrs Duncan kindly said that I could join the team. I now have my own official staff badge with my photo ID, thanks to the IT and DT departments.

My role will be to help Mrs Cowell with Listening Support (I’m a very good listener), and to provide cuddles wherever needed. Luckily I love cuddles, and really like being with people. I have heard that all my siblings managed to find homes, but I bet they are not as lucky as me in finding such a fulfilling job.

Over the summer holidays I will do lots of growing and training and be ready to start my job in September.

You can follow my progress on my very own Twitter feed: @SpitfireTheDog.