Knife and Fork Award Winners!

Nursery and Prep School

You may have heard your daughters discussing a new award this term — the “Knife and Fork” award. This has been given out weekly to the class which has most impressed Mrs Fernandez (who initiated the award). Excellent table manners, willingness to try new foods, being polite and helpful all count towards the prize! The winners for the term are Year 5 — they have consistently impressed Mrs Fernandez and the rest of the staff with their efforts. Their reward has been to choose their favourite menu options (which the whole school will enjoy) and have a special lunch setting as if they are in a restaurant, complete with tablecloth, seat labels, etc. Year 5 have chosen to enjoy turkey goujons, potato wedges and peas, followed by Mississippi mud pie on Wednesday this week. Well done, Year 5! The award will continue in the 2016/2017 academic year, so we’ll see who can impress in the new academic year!