Reception Class Visit our local Church

Nursery and Prep School

As part of Reception’s ‘Celebrations!’ Theme, we went on a trip to our local Church in Weston last November. The girls discovered that All Saints Church was not far away - we soon arrived. We looked all around the outside of the Church to investigate the size and shape of the building. “This end is a pentagon!” The girls spotted lots of grave stones and decided that many people, including Christians, come to Church to celebrate – weddings, christenings and to mark special times of the year, like Christmas.

“I like all the windows in the Church, there are lots of people and patterns.”

Inside, we met the Church Minister. Sky was very welcoming and told us all about the story of the First Christmas. He then gave us a challenge, to complete a word puzzle. In small groups, we recognised the letter sounds that the nativity characters made, it spelt ‘Christmas.’

“Here is an angel with Mary and baby Jesus in his manger.” “Mary is looking at Joseph and baby Jesus.”

We had a look around all the special areas inside the Church to learn what they are used for. The Church was warm and welcoming, the girls enjoyed being there and may visit again soon to celebrate Christmas. We brought back to school a bauble to decorate and hang on our Christmas tree to remind the girls of our exciting trip to Church.