RHS Host GDST Athletics

Senior School, Sport, GDST

It has been a busy week for the RHS PE Department and our athletes, as Sports Day, the County Athletics and Trust Athletics fell within four days of each other this year.

In true RHS spirit, girls across the school were happy to volunteer themselves and step in so that we didn’t have any events left without a representative. The girls were pushed to their limits by the other 16 GDST schools and they certainly knew they were in for a tough afternoon of sporting competition. Spirits remained high and the support between the girls from Years 5-13 was brilliant to see and hear!

Our highest scoring team were the Year 10+ team, who finished in 3rd place overall and RHS as a collective, finished a commendable 7th. Monday was a true test of the girls’ ability to adapt quickly and step into events where required; it tested their teamwork, motivation, and spirit. It was disappointing to see us lose our title, but we will certainly come back faster and stronger next year and prepared to fight to win it back from Putney High School!