RHS Welcomes Argentinian Guests

Senior School, Global Citizens

We had the great pleasure of welcoming a touring group of students from Argentina last week. As well as playing a couple of hockey matches, the Argentinian students joined our Year 8 and 9 students for an afternoon of chatting in Spanish and finding out about Argentinian life and culture.

Year 9 interviewed the students; Lucia Guest and Martha Brain reflected on the experience:

“On Monday our Year 9 Spanish class had the opportunity to talk to a team of hockey players from Argentina. In our lessons, we came up with questions to ask them in Spanish. By asking them these questions we could learn about Argentina and how different their life is. We were put in pairs and were allocated three girls. They were really friendly and we got on really well. We could only speak in Spanish for the first 20 minutes, and then they asked us questions in English. We asked them a range of questions from what their name was to what position they played in hockey. We found out that they all lived in the city centre and that they had all started hockey from a young age. We found it really interesting to talk to them and they taught us a lot about their culture. They made Argentina sound fascinating which really makes us want to go there in the future, especially to improve our Spanish. We had a really good time and we have made some new friends out of it.”

Year 8 Spanish students enjoyed a presentation about the students’ school near Buenos Aires and about Argentina. After an insightful and inspiring talk, we were treated to an amazing tango display. All students in Argentina learn how to dance the tango at school and they certainly impressed our students with their grace and skill.