Year 4’s Residential trip to the New Forest

Nursery and Prep School

Last week we went to the New Forest for our residential trip. When we arrived we got settled into our dorms and had lunch. We had a tour around the farm and got to see all the animals. As our first activity we did a tour with blindfolds on in groups of four and we had to go over obstacles while holding our friends shoulders and a rope to guide us. When we got back we had to do our farm job and then we had delicious homemade lamb burgers and chips! We watched a falconry display in the evening and enjoyed seeing an owl, peregrine falcon and a kestrel.

Before we went to bed we had a cookie and hot chocolate. It was very exciting, sleeping in our dorms, and it took us a while to drop off! We loved our farm jobs, helping to look after pigs and poultry. We also got to hold some very cute baby Dutch rabbits. One of the rabbits even went down Daisy’s back! We had to muck out the pigs and when we came out with the poo we had to say ‘poo coming through’! We also really enjoyed feeding the sheep and milking the goats.

Our second day was very busy! We started with a stream study looking at the different depths of water and finding out how fast the stream water flowed. We enjoyed a walk through the forest and had a tasty picnic lunch at the treehouse. In the afternoon we did leaf orienteering. We found it quite a challenge but lots of fun!

We then went back to the farm for farm jobs. In the evening we had a campfire, toasted marshmallows and sang some funny camp songs! On our last day we did our last farm jobs and said goodbye to the animals. Then we went on a fun trip to the beach! We looked for interesting things in the rock pools and found amazing shells and crabs! Next we looked for specific shells, some of them were really hard to find! Shortly afterwards we had our lunch then went in the giant adventure playground. Before we knew it we were having Mr Whippys and were heading home. We had a fun residential and would love to do it again!

We must say thank you to Mrs Robson, Mrs Brett and Mrs Stockley for taking us!