Pandora Project

Senior School

Year 6 made good use of their Guided Home Learning Latin lessons. We learned about the myth of Pandora. She was given a box as a wedding gift and told not to open it. Well, what would YOU do? When – of course - she lifted the lid every kind of evil thing flew out into the world. (Ooops). Pandora slammed the lid down but then she heard a tiny voice. When she looked again, there was Hope at the bottom of the box.

Year 6 discussed the story and its meaning and then created their own work in response. Every project was unique – creative writing, art, models, modern or ancient settings… It was tough to choose between them, but Maddie D, Halo J, Sennen D, Milly S, India G were awarded prizes and Emma C, Phoebe B, Chessy G, Rose M, Izzy O have honourable mentions. Well done, Year 6!

Dr J McCarthy