Physics and Chemistry Olympiad Success

Sixth Form

Physics Olympiad 21

This half of term several of our Year 12 and Year 11 students have participated in the British Physics Olympiad and Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad competitions. Both competitions are highly challenging and are designed to test students’ logical thinking and problem-solving in chemistry and physics contexts.

In the Chemistry Olympiad Lemon, Jayne, Daisy and Eliza all achieved Bronze Certificates and Kerry achieved a Silver Certificate. These are very impressive results for our Year 12 students as the competition is designed for Year 13 students, and of those taking it, only the top 33% get a Silver or above.

In the Physics Olympiad Senior Challenge for Year 12 students, Sybil achieved a Silver award, which meant that she came in the top 46 % of the 5,200 students who entered the competition from around the UK, and Betsy achieved a Bronze award. In the Intermediate Challenge for Year 11 students, Helena achieved a Silver award and Karah, a Bronze award.