Playing games with Reception and Year 1

Nursery and Prep School

Reception and Year 1 have been enjoying ‘games’ on a Tuesday afternoon during their link session. Joining together to take part in a variety of games, with a new game being introduced each week.

Social skills such as listening, taking turns, congratulating winners and playing by the rules are an important but occasionally hard skill to learn.

Last week we introduced Jenga and the girls demonstrated great skill when taking out a block and then balancing it on the top, the concentration on their face when it was their turn was spectacular.

This week was the turn of Pop-up Pirates, some of us were a little hesitant at putting in the sword in fear of the pirate popping up, but with lots of cheering from our friends we accepted losing with a big smile. We talked about how some games can be one with some logic and skill and others are just a game of chance.