#RaceToRoyalHigh Strava Challenge

Sixth Form, Senior School, Nursery and Prep School


The Challenge

Day One – Monday 18th January

Year 7s took home the gold medal during day one of the challenge and accumulated a total of 95.32km as a year group alone - very impressive! Still, the staff followed closely behind having achieved a silver medal position with a total of 75.03km covered. Day one overall total (incl. all year groups and staff) = 234.42km. 391.61km to go!

Day Two – Tuesday 19th January

During day 2 of the challenge the staff had successfully hijacked the gold medal from the Year 7s by covering an impressive 126.7km in distance -WOW! The Year 8s and 9s were right on the staffs tail with a total of 84.83km. Day two overall total (incl. all year groups and staff) = 288.66km. 102.95km to go!

Day Three – Wednesday 20th January

Despite the awful weather conditions Year 10 and 11’s managed to pull an impressing 58.35km out of the bag taking gold medal position. Day three overall total (incl. all year groups and staff) = 84.48km. Only 18.47km to go!