Reception and the curious case of onions

Nursery and Prep School

Reception went on our usual morning walk and came across 3 onions lying on the ground underneath a tree. At first, we were not sure what they were, so we got closer to have a better look. Upon closer inspection the girls told me that they were onions, but we were a little puzzled as to why they were there. I asked the girls if they would like to solve the mystery and become detectives to solve the ‘curious case of the onions’.

We had quite a lot of theories from the girls such as “they fell from the tree” and “aliens left them”. The girls continued with their discussion, listening to each other and putting across their own point of view. It was decided that it was very unlikely that aliens had left them and on closer inspection the girls noticed roots on the onions which meant that they grew in the ground and therefore did not fall from a tree!

Penelope suggested that they should go and speak to some grown ups to see if they could solve the case. We met Mrs Lilley, and the girls told her what had happened and asked if she had any ideas, Mrs Lilley thought that maybe someone had dropped something. Sasha then said, “perhaps someone was carrying a bowl and 3 fell out”. This led to more discussion about why someone would have a bowl of onions and we talked about what onions are used for. We then saw Tracey from the kitchen, and she confirmed that they do use onions in the kitchen. They all thought it would be a good idea to go and see Chef Paul.

The girls were getting very excited by this point and told Paul all about the onions they found on their walk. Paul said, “do you know, I am missing exactly 3 onions from my delivery this morning”. Well done Reception you solved the case!

IMG 0019