Science Department unveils its new Periodic Table

Senior School, STEM

RHS Bath GDST HR 58 1

Our Science Department has introduced an exciting new Periodic Table, displaying samples of real elements in box frames, to inspire interest in the sciences for many years to come.

Our students can now see what actual samples of things such as gallium, bismuth, rubidium or tellurium look like. The Table is back lit with coloured LED lighting and Noble Gases such as helium and neon have tubes illuminated like ‘neon’ lights.

Already our pupils have shown a lot of interest when they have passed by or are waiting for lessons, and two 6th formers were so excited that they decided to sing the Periodic Table song in front of it in celebration!

As well as a display it will also be regularly used as a teaching resource as the girls learn about the Periodic Table from Year 7 Science to A-level and IB Chemistry.

We would like to thank the Friends of Royal High for their generous funding which part funded the construction of it, along with Sarah Williams in DT for her kind help and Glennis Clark, one of our Science technicians, for the huge amount of work she has put into it.

RHS Bath GDST HR 57 1