Celebrating our diverse global community with the International Gala

Sixth Form, Senior School, Boarding, International

A highlight of the Autumn term is our annual International Gala, an exciting celebration of the diverse global community at Royal High School Bath, which includes students from more than 25 different nationalities.

Our international students alongside Miss Cheers, Head of International Students, curated an amazing line-up for a performance of songs, music, dance, poetry and a shadow puppet show. Students then took to the catwalk dressed in traditional clothing and flag colours in front of an audience of staff and students. It was fantastic to see so many different cultures and countries represented.

During the event students and staff were also treated to a wide selection of stalls hosted by students to showcase the different traditions and foods of their chosen country. The food looked and tasted delicious and everyone who was there enjoyed sampling all the different dishes and tasty snacks on offer. It was also a really great way to learn about different cultures – creating great talking points and encouraging students to practice awareness and appreciation for diversity in their school community.

The event was entirely student-led; it was fantastic to see so much effort and care being taken by our students to represent their individual countries and cultures. A massive thank you to our International Students Committee and Miss Cheers our Head of International students for their hard work and support in making this possible.

Holding international week allowed staff and students to truly celebrate the diversity of our school community. It was incredible to see students sharing their cultures and traditions and learning more about themselves and others. In today’s world it is so important to develop an intercultural mind and our girls are certainly becoming global citizens.”
Natalie Cheers, Head of International Students

Our ISA Prefects introduced this year's International Gala with the following words:

"Today’s celebration should be joyous and enriching. The point of today is to focus our attention on the global diversity of our community. It is an opportunity to learn more about other people, to be an ally or a witness or a participant in the worlds of others. To share our culture or our experiences in a safe space free from judgement or criticism.

But today also comes against a backdrop of conflict around the world, fuelled by racial prejudice, political gain and ethnic hostility. Today we stand with innocent citizens across the planet who are caught in the middle of political conflict and suffering as a consequence. There is conflict raging in Gaza, Ukraine, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan and Syria.

Today there is no political agenda but we stand together, on the side of peace and civility, as a tiny symbol of a global community seeking to stand together."