Two RHSB students win Spirited Arts Competition

Senior School, Religion and Philosophy

Congratulations to two of our students who took part and won this year's Spirited Arts competition. Alex, Y8, won with her photograph, ‘you cannot eat money’, and Alice, Y8, with her composition and performance of ‘God’s animals’.

Spirited Arts is an annual, international art competition run by NATRE, the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education. Students can choose from 5 or 6 different categories and art can be in any format such as sculpture, painting, photography, dance or poetry. Students develop their ideas, complete their work and write about their thoughts on the topic and how they have tried to show them in their art. The competition started in 2004 and attracts around 3,000 entries each year with hundreds of UK schools getting involved, as well as entries from as far afield as Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and Bahrain.

We run the competition as a project activity with year 7 in the Summer Term and have participated in the competition for over 10 years.

We are very proud of all of the artwork from year 7 entered last summer. It is currently displayed outside the Religion and Philosophy room in the Senior School.

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