Visit to Bath Blitz buildings

Nursery and Prep School

Having had great fun with the new Prep School resource, Digimaps, creating maps of the route we would take around 12 sites in Bath, Year 6 set off to visit buildings which had been bombed during the Bath Blitz.

Angered by the RAF bombing of historic towns in Germany, Hitler looked up beautiful cities in the Baedeker Guide (the Trip Advisor of its day) and in an attempt to damage morale, sent the Luftwaffe to bomb them. Over two nights, 26 and 27 April, thousands of bombs were dropped on bath killing 417 people and damaging thousands of buildings.

Our groups followed a map to 12 of these buildings where we recorded grid points and took photos of the buildings as they are today. The grid points and photos were then uploaded onto the map so each group had its own record of the field trip.

It was a lot of fun and we got only a little bit wet!