Year 6 Climate Change films - We Are One

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To celebrate the International Day of the Girl 2023 - a day that focuses on giving girls an opportunity to lead, have their voices heard, allow them into decision-making processes, and puts them at the forefront of change efforts - we are launching our Year 6 climate change films.

In June, our Year 6 girls worked together to create two films to encourage behaviour change for sustainable futures. This was part of our GDST-wide 'We Are One' project, in partnership with ThoughtBox Education.

Our girls worked in small groups to focus on different themes in the films and together, they brought to life a term of learning about climate change, looking at topics as diverse as the impacts of climate change on different countries, their emotions and feelings about climate change, and practical actions that we can take.

Credit goes to the Year 6 girls, the Class of 2023. Only some of them appear in the films, but they all took part in the creative planning, scripting, voice overs, animations and directing: Alana, Alice, Allie, Anjali, Cece, Charlotte, Cora, Elaine, Eliza, Emilia, Etta, Fiona, Gemma, Gennie, Harriet, Imogen F, Imogen W, Isabella, Jemima, Lottie, Maude, Millie, Molly, Patro, Rose, Sophia, Sylvia, Wendy and Zoe. With the support and cheerleading from their teachers Miss Redpath and Mr Rushworth.

Please click below to view the films: