Weekend Boarding Activities

Senior School

This weekend the girls took part in a wide range of activities from quilting, cookery, baking canvas painting and movie evening. It was a great weekend packed with activities for all of the boarders to take part in. We also had one Year 8 boarder take part in Young Actor of the Year earlier in the week!

Crafts - Tiffany, Year 7

Cake and Hot Chocolate - Jasmine, Year 8

Young Actor of the Year Auditions - Elianah, Year 8

On 8th October, I went to audition for young of actor of the year. I performed a monologue called The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin, I really wanted to make sure I did not mess up on any of my lines, pronounce my words correctly and have a good posture. When the results came out, I was extremely happy to see that I had got through to the finals. I had finished my performance later that evening and the next morning the results were out. Unfortunately, I did not win but I was grateful to get through to the finals and it has inspired to continue with my acting for now and hopefully for the future too.

Baking - Sheilja, Year9

Canvas Panting - Lilly, Year 10

Cookery - Sezi, Year 11