Women in Engineering Day 2022

Senior School

This week we have been celebrating International Women in Engineering Day, shining a spotlight on inspirational female engineers and helping girls to become the next generation of female engineers.

Part of our mission has been to facilitate conversations around science, engineering and technology, and to inspire young women. As a girls' school we are incredibly proud of the strong, independent and brave women that leave Royal High School Bath, who feel determined to take whichever path they choose.

During the day Year 8 took part in a tower challenge. For the team challenge, students had to plan and execute the building of a tower which was over 75cm tall and could hold 40g of weight.

Each group had to plan their building project, use their allocated budget to purchase building materials and then build their planned tower ready for judging.

It turns out some shapes are stronger than others!

Well done to the winning teams Bronte Sisters Plus One, CAMM and Card Dinosaurs whose towers remained standing and carried the requisite 40g mass.

Women in engineering

We are also keen to share a residential course at Loughborough university, which is taking place in August.

Girls into engineering

You will gain hands-on experience of creating, designing and inventing - learning from engineers who do it every day. Staying at the University of Loughborough will give you a priceless insight into student life and allow you to meet like-minded people of the same age from across the country.

The courses give you a glimpse of the jobs you could go on to do after school, and one of the most important benefits offered is the chance to have your questions answered by engineers and leading academics. If you have ever wondered what a typical day looks like as a female engineer, this is your chance to witness it first-hand.

For more information and to sign up please follow the link: Girls Into Engineering (residential) | Smallpeice Trust