Write for Rights

Senior School

The 10th of December marked Human Rights day and all students took part in the Amnesty international initiative write for rights. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter or a card, send an email or sign a petition.

For a prisoner of conscience, an activist facing threats and charges or a family member separated from their loved ones, a message of support is a powerful reminder that they are not alone.

The girls heard about all 10 cases and paid particular focus on the four cases that have been highlighted as a special case for the UK. Also discussed was those who received letters last year and heard how things have changed for them after the campaign. The girls gained their own human rights passport and chose to write emails or letters to send. Next term Year 10 and above will be starting an amnesty club taking place on Monday lunchtimes and we are sure you will hear much more about upcoming campaigns and calls for action.

If you would like any further information on Write For Rights please follow this link.