Year 4 Entertains!

Nursery and Prep School

‘Year 4 Entertains on Broadway’ was performed by the fabulous girls in Year 4 at the end of last half term. Things are a little different this year, but this wasn’t going to put us off! Theatres may be closed around the world, but this didn’t stop Year 4 spreading some Broadway magic!

The girls’ talents included dance, gymnastics, drama and music and even baking! The ‘Broadway’ theme provided a wealth of colourful characters and wonderful music such as Happy Talk, Don’t Rain On My Parade, Dancing Queen and Another One Bites The Dust. We also made links with our class Theme work on ‘theatre through the ages’ and included lots of fascinating facts about the featured shows.

The girls worked incredibly hard and were amazing in every aspect - from preparing their items for the show, sourcing and making props and costumes, learning words and dance moves, organising themselves backstage, coping with costume changes, displaying brilliant teamwork and performing with energy and exuberance. The girls may have performed the entire show to no audience, but this did not deter them at all! The show was filmed and streamed for the rest of the school to watch on Friday afternoon. Parents have also been able to watch the filmed performance over the half term and are looking forward to receiving their copy of the show to keep.

On Friday, the girls spent the day performing short extracts of the show to an audience of six at a time. They were amazing and kept their energy and smiles right until the end. At lunchtime we enjoyed some time outside and cooked pizzas in our new pizza oven – happy times!

We were immensely fortunate once again to have the support of Carole, assisted by Penny working from home, who provided the most wonderful costumes for the girls. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them.

The fantastic ‘Broadway’ set was designed and made by Mr Woods and this created a stunning backdrop for the girls’ performances. We loved the lit-up Broadway letters, the changing colour ‘Walk, don’t walk’ sign and the skyscrapers. Thank you so much, Mr Woods.

Thanks must also go to Mrs Stockley, Mrs Palmer and the girls from Mrs David’s Challenge Inspire group who created wonderful props.

Also, many thanks to the parents for providing extra costumes and props.

Well done Year 4 – we are immensely proud of you. We won’t ever forget this special ‘Year 4 Entertains’ performed in these challenging times!