Year 4 visit Tudor exbition at the Holburne Museum

Nursery and Prep School

On 15 March Year 4 visited the Holburne Museum to visit the Tudor exhibition which matches their theme for the term.

When they arrived, they split into two groups and took it in turns to view different parts of the exhibition.

The students got to see William Holburne’s artefacts which included some of the interesting china models that he collected. Each group also looked at portraits of unknown women and men and had to guess if they were rich or not. Then they went to the ballroom gallery and had to draw their favourite lady or gentleman.

After that was a trip to the portrait gallery to look at all the incredible portraits of Tudor monarchs. They looked so amazing and the students couldn’t believe that the real portraits were sitting on the wall right in front of them!

Lastly, was a clay workshop where the girls had to make a portrait of a Tudor monarch on a clay tile and then decorate it. There were lots of things which could be used to decorate the tiles like necklaces and stamps.