Year 5 residential trip

Nursery and Prep School

On Monday the 25 of April, Year 5 set off for their residential trip to PGL where the pupils got an opportunity to take part in lots of outdoor activities away from their usual environment.

Allie, Molly, Eliza, Cora, Elaine and Wendy from Year 5 have written about their time at PGL in East Sussex.

"Halfway through our exhausting bus journey, we stopped at a gorgeous beach for lunch and tried to find flat stones to skim. Finally, we arrived at our destination in Windmill Hill, Sussex. We dropped off our bags and found out who our roommates were. Soon after, we had a quick tour of the site, a delicious supper then a marvellous campfire with two dancing unicorns. After a good night’s sleep, we ventured out to our first activities; one was all aboard and the other was orienteering. With a full stomach, we went to trapeze and problem solving (without maths).

The next day we had the GIANT swing. It was a blast! Along with that, we had fun during the challenge course where we went through the tire tunnel and struggled to get through the laser box; no one made it through without touching the azure ropes. Most people made it up to the top of the Jacob’s Ladder but, unfortunately, some girls only got up to the third step because they were terrified of heights! We also did abseiling which quite a lot of people found challenging, not surprisingly.

Overall, the PGL trip was amazing. The only aspect we would like to change is for the company to be more eco-friendly; there was not a recycling bin in sight. We all had so much fun on the residential and are looking forward to showing everyone what we experienced in our class assembly."

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