Senior School, Performing Arts

This week some of our Senior School students have been working together on our production of Ghetto, a story about a theatre company who continued to create art in the Jewish Ghettos of the Second World War.

In a true show of collaboration and bravery, students from Years 9 and 10 have taken on roles both on and off stage to put together a production which has been incredibly hard hitting and emotive.

For the first time ever our Memorial Hall has been transformed into a circular performance space, meaning the audience have been positioned in a circle around our performance area in the middle, rather than being seated on our raked seating.

This has allowed for a truly immersive experience for the audience, adding to the stunning performance from our students.

All of the proceeds raised from the show are going to the Ukraine Disasters Emergency Committee, and over £500 has been raised so far.

I am truly in awe by the level of talent we have seen during this production, especially from girls who are so young. As with all productions it has had its crazy moments, but what the students have achieved and the effort they have put in is incredible. Thank you also to Lizzie our Theatre Technician for helping us transform the Memorial Hall.”
Leanne Vincent-Norgate, Head of Drama