If 125 supporters give £20 a month for 4 years, this would raise £150,000 (with Gift Aid reclaimed) – enough to educate a senior pupil from Year 7 though to Year 13, plus extra for incidentals such as uniform and school trips.”

At Royal High School Bath we know that education is power and our mission is simple; to help as many girls as possible to learn without limits and make their mark on the world.

From the outset, we did not teach girls to know their place, we taught them to find it. Our dedication to preparing girls for their future has been a priority since the beginning and our priority remains unchanged.

Each year, around 9% of our pupils receive financial assistance. These girls are bright, talented and ambitious like their peers but their families do not have the financial means to pay for a Royal High School Bath education. Unfortunately, the amount of bursary applications we receive far outweighs the number we can currently offer, and therefore we have to turn many deserving girls away.

Gifts from alumnae, former staff, parents and friends mean that we can offer more girls a bursary award. This means that a Royal High School Bath education is possible by having all or part of the fees paid for.

Please do consider making a gift to the school today to give more girls, from not only the wider Bath area but across the country, the opportunity of a Royal High School Bath education.

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The impact of an RHS Bursary

Bursaries benefit not only the recipient and their families, but all of our students by ensuring that our classrooms reflect the diversity of the world beyond the school gates. We know alumnae value their Royal High School Bath education, and how it has shaped their future and chosen path in the world. Their experiences show just what a difference the support they were given had - it is so much more than financial.

Bursary mathura

Mathura, Year 13

Kate, Year 7 and Year 8 parent - March 2021

As a GDST alumna myself, I knew as soon as I had my daughters that I wanted them to go to a GDST school and benefit from the same wonderful opportunities I had been given - opportunities that I was sure had given me a head start in life. At the time they joined Reception at the GDST school in our home town, our financial future looked stable, but unfortunately that changed part way through primary. I was able to use funds from an inheritance to get them through the remainder of their primary education, but the only way they could continue to secondary was if they got a bursary. The day that we got confirmation they had been given a 90% bursary was the day I knew my girls were safe and their future was secure.

We moved to Royal High part way through primary after a messy divorce. From the first day they walked into the school, they were made welcome and that has never changed. They have blossomed, academically, socially and emotionally. I am confident that not only will they get the best grades they are capable of, but also that they will gain countless other 'soft' skills that will make following whatever career they choose an easier path. And, more importantly, that they will continue to be confident, kind and caring young women who believe in themselves and in others. We are so thankful for the bursary scheme, which is proof of the level playing field the school creates for girls.

Bursary chloe

Chloe, Class of 2016

I felt very lucky to have a bursary at RHS. It gave me opportunities that I could never have experienced without it. ”
Alice, Class of 2020

For more information about applying for a bursary please contact our Registrar, Emma Symonds, on 01225 313877 or e.symonds@rhsb.gdst.net