A Time to Shine

Welcome to Early Years at the Royal High Prep School. Come and experience for yourself the warmth, fun, friendliness and sense of purpose that is at the heart of everything we do.

Your daughter leads her learning, which branches out from her own ideas and interests. It's the time for her to ask questions and to be inspired to find out more – a process that never stops throughout the school.

Nursery is an integral part of the two-year Early Years Foundation Stage, which leads seamlessly into your daughter's Reception Year and onwards into the Royal High Prep School.  Language, literacy, numeracy, communication, personal, social, creative and physical skills are developed through an exciting mix of exploring, doing, dressing up, painting, singing, cooking, playing music, solving puzzles, rolling balls down hills and occasionally rolling themselves down hills!

In this creative environment, the girls can discover what the world is made of – and what they are made of. We will provide the individual care and attention to allow your daughter the best possible start to her all-round development and education. She is a little star and we will help her to shine.