Girls Learn Differently. Fact. 

From Nursery onwards, girls in girls-only schools benefit from the fact that everything is calibrated and designed to serve their educational needs.  Experience and evidence has taught us that girls not only work better, but develop more easily, both socially and academically. They have more self-esteem and more confidence to stretch themselves in a mutually supportive environment.

We know what girls need to become the best possible version of themselves. School spaces are designed with girls in mind. Their learning and development needs, styles and preferences are targeted, free of gender-stereotyping, distraction, and harassment. Their choices and opportunities are unconstrained and every curriculum and co-curriculum opportunity is available to them as a matter of course. There is nothing they cannot do.

Based on a review of recent research, the GDST have developed effective pedagogies for girls' learning. To read this document, please click here.

Without the pressure of boys, girls become more intellectually curious, more open-minded, more adventurous and take on active roles without worrying about ‘popularity’ or negative peer pressure.

This all-through, all-girls education is unique in Bath. The teaching and well-being of all our pupils is our absolute priority. We are proud of our rich heritage but we are constantly evolving and embracing new thinking to help girls meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Whatever the starting point, this is a journey your daughter should not miss.